Reef Fish

golden snapperReef fish are found primarily on offshore reefs, with some species, such as the famous black jewfish and golden snapper, also encountered around estuary rockbars in a similar environment to barramundi. They can be caught on trolled or jigged lures, or by dropping down a fresh bait.

6 species
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Black Jewfish

Black jewfish caught at the lodge usually weigh more than 10 kg and fish to 30 kg can be caught. Jewies tend to congregate around wrecks and other rough bottom structure and, with their size and power...

Tricky Snapper

The tricky, as it is commonly known, is prolific over shallow offshore reef areas. The story is that it got the name tricky because it is hard to hook but there are large numbers of ...

Coral Trout

Coral trout are found on bottom structures such as reefs and are particularly common in the waters off the Arnhem Land coast. Trout will readily take lures cast or trolled over shallow reef areas and ...

Cod and Groper

There are several cod species but the estuary cod and the Queensland groper are more commonly encountered by anglers. These fish can grow to well over 200 kg. Smaller fish are very common in the estua...

Golden Snapper

Golden snapper are prolific and can be found in most saltwater locations from tidal creeks and estuaries to coastal reefs. They are regularly caught bottom fishing but they are happy to take lures and...

6 species
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