Clients with a great barra.While the mighty barramundi is the most well known of Northern Territory sportfish, there are a plethora of hard-fighting fish species available that are of interest to anglers.

All of the species listed below are found in waters near the Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge at different times of the year.

13 species
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Barracuda are common and grow to 30 kg and often congregate around inshore reefs. They are not usually targeted by local anglers because they are considered a poor table fish but larger specimens can ...

Blue Salmon

Blue salmon usually weigh 1-3 kg although much larger specimens are caught occasionally. These fish are often caught when barramundi fishing in the mangrove creeks. It is common to encounter schooling...


Cobia in the Territory grow to over 50 kg and are great fighters that are often lost close to the boat where they are most difficult to handle. They rarely form large schools, usually moving in small ...

Giant trevally

The GT is the biggest and toughest member of the trevally family. They are common and attain a weight in excess of 40 kg although most captured are in the 2 to 10 kg range. One of the hardest and dirt...


Although golden trevally do not reach as large a size as on the east coast, schools of 2-5 kg fish provide exciting sport along coastal reefs. Once a school is located, fish can be caught one after th...

13 species
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